Genetic Reorganization In Treron Phoenicoptera

HK Garg, Ashish Shrivastava
2013 Zenodo  
Cytological investigation was carried out on Himalayan green pigeon, Treron phoenicoptera (Latham). The bone-marrow extract of twenty two male and eighteen female individuals yielded four hundred mitotic metaphase plates for cellular investigation. The diploid count varied from 72 to 80 with a prominent peak at 74 shown by 43.04% of the cells scored. Among the forty individuals examined, nine divergent karyotypes irrespective of sex were encountered. In natural populations of the bird, it
more » ... the bird, it appears that polymorphism existed due to two independent pericentric inversions-one in the largest pair of autosomes hereafter, designated as I and another in the fifth autosomal pair (second largest pair of the genome), alluded to as II.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1254104 fatcat:r54ble5tujdk5j5ocv64llli74