SDC solenoidal detector notes: Jets in the forward region [report]

R.D. Field, M. Barnett, A. White
1991 unpublished
We examine jet shapes in the forward region, r/(jet) > 4, of 40 TeV proton-proton , 4 UFIFT-HEP-91-22 SDC-91-00043 SDC SOLENOIDAL DETECTOR NOTES Jets in the Forward Region Abstract We examine jet shapes in the forward region, v(jet) > 4, of 40TEV proton-proton collisions and compare them with 90°jets. In the laboratory, forward jets are Lorentz contracted into thin "disks". For example, a jet which-at 9cre(jet) = 90°would have its particles located within a "cone" with a_gular widths /_6cm = AC
more » ... r widths /_6cm = AC = 28°(i.e., 0.5 radians), if "boosted" to Tj(jet) = 4 (_cra = 2°) becomes a "disk" with an angular width of A_cm = I°[ Jet shapes are roughly invariant when plotted versus pseudorapidity, 77, and azimuthal angle, ¢. In addition, we examine how well the electromagnetic component (i.e., photon_ and elect, ron_) of a jet "tracks" the true position of the jet.
doi:10.2172/10126758 fatcat:7sqc2ei4bfcrfcbsdzicrz63he