Enhanced Load-Sharing Technology of Toroidal Drive [post]

Mengyu Dong, Meijiao Mao, Shiping Yang
2020 unpublished
In the manufacture and assembly of a toroidal drive mechanism, errors caused have a great influence on the load sharing of the mechanism. To ensure favourable load-sharing characteristics of the mechanism and to compensate for inaccuracies in the manufacture and assembly of the mechanism parts, and based on the transmission characteristics and operating states characteristics of the mechanism, a floating oil film structure was designed to support the planetary gear. The elasticity and
more » ... icity and hydrodynamic effect of the floating oil film allow the planetary gear to achieve its own small floatation and produce a certain axial displacement, which compensates for the influence of error and achieves load sharing. To examine the effect of the floating oil film structure, the floating oil film bearing was simulated by FLUENT, the characteristics of the floating oil film were analyzed, and the stiffness and damping coefficients of the floating oil film were calculated. In ADAMS, the method of equivalent replacement of the floating oil film with spring damping was adopted to conduct a dynamic analysis on the toroidal drive mechanism with the floating oil film load-sharing structure, and the effectiveness and feasibility of this structure were verified by comparing the changes in transmission performance of the system over time.
doi:10.21203/rs.3.rs-30895/v1 fatcat:ndjvkfw7crbwpblygui2bdp3gy