fslr: Connecting the FSL Software with R

John Muschelli, Elizabeth Sweeney, Martin Lindquist, Ciprian Crainiceanu
2015 The R Journal  
We present the package fslr, a set of R functions that interface with FSL (FMRIB Software Library), a commonly-used open-source software package for processing and analyzing neuroimaging data. The fslr package performs operations on 'nifti' image objects in R using command-line functions from FSL, and returns R objects back to the user. fslr allows users to develop image processing and analysis pipelines based on FSL functionality while interfacing with the functionality provided by R. We
more » ... t an example of the analysis of structural magnetic resonance images, which demonstrates how R users can leverage the functionality of FSL without switching to shell commands.
pmid:27330830 pmcid:PMC4911193 fatcat:l2y2vu2umrb5fgxds2puxwvt2i