ApproxNet: Content and Contention-Aware Video Analytics System for Embedded Clients [article]

Ran Xu, Rakesh Kumar, Pengcheng Wang, Peter Bai, Ganga Meghanath, Somali Chaterji, Subrata Mitra, Saurabh Bagchi
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Videos take a lot of time to transport over the network, hence running analytics on the live video on embedded or mobile devices has become an important system driver. Considering that such devices, e.g., surveillance cameras or AR/VR gadgets, are resource constrained, creating lightweight deep neural networks (DNNs) for embedded devices is crucial. None of the current approximation techniques for object classification DNNs can adapt to changing runtime conditions, e.g., changes in resource
more » ... lability on the device, the content characteristics, or requirements from the user. In this paper, we introduce ApproxNet, a video object classification system for embedded or mobile clients. It enables novel dynamic approximation techniques to achieve desired inference latency and accuracy trade-off under changing runtime conditions. It achieves this by enabling two approximation knobs within a single DNN model, rather than creating and maintaining an ensemble of models (e.g., MCDNN [MobiSys-16]. We show that ApproxNet can adapt seamlessly at runtime to these changes, provides low and stable latency for the image and video frame classification problems, and show the improvement in accuracy and latency over ResNet [CVPR-16], MCDNN [MobiSys-16], MobileNets [Google-17], NestDNN [MobiCom-18], and MSDNet [ICLR-18].
arXiv:1909.02068v5 fatcat:5pa6tzarrfbvvlrmliufylj7ae