Journal o f Hebei U niv ersity of Science and T echnolog y M ar

L Iu, Dong-Hui, Z An, G Xin -Ling, Jin -Hui Qiu, Xiao -Yun Sun, C Rs-232, Rs Can
2007 unpublished
An intellig ent dist rict access contr ol system based o n w ireless transmission is desig ned. T he card r eading mo dule, the wireless data transmission module , the LCD module and the rando m passwo rd keyboar d module are int roduced respectiv ely Besides, a 16 @ 16 lattice w or d database based o n e-Flash M M 36SB020 is desig ned. In or der to so lve the co nflict problems of the netw or k data tr ansmissio n, a method o f delaying time at r andom is put for war d. Key words: access co nt
more » ... rol system; w ir eless data tr ansmissio n; random passw or d keyboar d; delaying time at r andom , , , [ 1] (Radio Fr equency Ident ificat ion) IC , IC