Improved Shuttle Cushioner for Power Looms

1887 Scientific American  
Various appliances have heretofore been proposed for avoiding the waste oi filling, and sometimes imper fect work, on account of the picker stick resting in a dead or solid manner against the "lathe block" as the shuttle comes upon it. The illustration herewith shows an improved device of this character, differing essentially from anything heretofore contrived, but yet so simple that its operation will be at once under stood. The cushioner, which is . made of metal, is secured to the under side
more » ... of the shuttle box, one cush ioner for each shuttle box. It is composed in part of a finger carrier or stand-a box or strap forming a cover for which is shown to the left at the bottom of the il Justration-two working fingers, and a spring. The fingers are held in the position wished for by the were employed, there would result sulphureous gases,
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican05211887-322 fatcat:gzm4ma6rnzbatal5ei43yvl4ri