Effect of Wiggler insertions on the single-particle dynamics of the NLC main damping rings [report]

Marco Venturini
2003 unpublished
As they are expected to occupy a large portion of the lattice, wiggler insertions will introduce significant linear and nonlinear perturbations to the single-particle dynamics in the NLC Main Dampig Rings (MDR). The nonlinearities are of particular concern as a sufficiently large Dynamic Aperture (DA) is required for high injection efficiency. The main content of this report is a study of the wigglers impact on the DA of the NLC-MDR latest lattice design. The particle dynamics is modelled by
more » ... s is modelled by transfer maps calculated by integration through the wiggler fields. For field representation we employed a 3D multipole expansion derived from the field data that were obtained with the aid of a magnet design code. Additional contents of this paper include an investigation of a simplified model of wiggler consisting of a sequence of standard magnet elements (where thin octupoles are used to represent the dominant nonlinearities) and the suggestion of a possible correction scheme to compensate the wiggler nonlinearities.
doi:10.2172/827950 fatcat:ufqx76zyirhhzi6dr2fpy4ifgy