F3 Evaluation of Efficient Development Methods of 50-kg Microsatellites Based on SPRITE-SAT and RISING-2
F3 SPRITE-SATおよびRISING-2開発に基づく50kg級超小型衛星の効率的な開発手法に関する評価(設計・開発手法)

Yuji Sakamoto, Toshinori Kuwahara, Kazuya Yoshida, Yukihiro Takahashi
2011 The Proceedings of the Space Engineering Conference  
started the development of a new 50 −kg microsatellite RISING ・ 2 at July 2009. This satellite inherits the development technique ofRISING ( SPRITE ・ SAr ) launched on January 2009 . The progress is shown in this paper . Using a Cassegrain telescope with 且O− cm diameter and l−m fbcal [ ength , earth surface is observed with 5−m resolution ftom 700 一 一 alt sun synchronous orbit . By 3−axis attitude stab 正 lization using reaction wheels and star sensors , the desigrrated area on earth surface can
more » ... be observed . il addition to color images , multi − spectrum images of cumulonimbus are observed by using a liquid crystal tunable filten As a secondary mission , t sicnt lum正 nous eventS su 。h as sprite are observed , which is same mission as SPRITE − SAT .
doi:10.1299/jsmesec.2010.19._f3-1_ fatcat:l2k5c5i3bvc6thpca7jsnrxnu4