Urinary Excretion of Oestrone and Oestradiol and of Zimmermann Chromogens in the Sow During Oestrus

Torleiv Lunaas
1965 Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica  
The present communication deals with the urinary excretion of oestrone and oestradiol and of Zimmermann chromogens, comprizing 17-ketosteroids, in sows during oestrus. Previously, a consistent pattern of the urinary excretion of oestrone during the oestrous cycle has been established in this species (Velie 1958, Raeside 1961 and Lunaas 1962 . The pattern is characterized by a maximum associated with oestrus. In the sow, oest r on e is an important urinary metabolite of oestradiol-I rf (R aeside
more » ... diol-I rf (R aeside 1961 and Lunaas 1963 a ) which is the major oestrogen present in the follicular apparatus of the ovary (L un aas 1963 b ). The fluctuations in the urinary excretion of oestrone thus presumably fairly well reflect the ovarian oestrogen production. Apparently due to inadequate methods used, earlier attempts to find variations in the urinary levels of oestradiol in the sow have been unsuccessful. One of the objects of the present investigation has been to obtain further informations on the sequence in time of the oestrogen excretion and the events of oestrus. The study of such a relationship represents the technical difficulty of quantitative collection of the urine without interfering with the normal course of oestrus. In a previous investigation on the urinary excretion of oestrogens during the oestrous cycle (L unaas 1962 a), the
doi:10.1186/bf03547063 fatcat:2rkaqq64pjagfhce4bcmsell6q