Türk Çoban Köpeklerinde Retina Fotoreseptör Hücrelerinin Elektroretinografik Olarak Değerlendirilmesi
Electroretinographic Evaluation of Photoreceptor Cells in Turkish Shepherd Dogs

2009 Kafkas Universitesi Veteriner Fakultesi Dergisi  
In this study, the electroretinography (ERG) results which are obtained from a total of 40 eyes in 20 Turkish shepherd dogs (TSDs) which meet the standards of ISCEV were evaluated. Accordingly, amplitute of the a-wave 1.298±0.208 microvolt, amplitute of the b-wave 7.670±0.846 microvolt, implicit time of the a-wave 70.268±11.840 milisecond, implicit time of the b-wave 97.072±12.696 milisecond were determined. There is no clinical, funduscopic or ERG evidence of a genetic retina disorder in TSDs.
more » ... a disorder in TSDs. The funduscopic and ERG datas which obtained from 10 patient in different breed which have single-or double sidedblindness revealed that the results of our study can be used as a reference value in further studies about retina in TSDs.
doi:10.9775/kvfd.2010.2101 fatcat:a4ebacqq3zewhn33oo32gdrbxi