Characterization of an exchange-based two-qubit gate for resonant exchange qubits

Matthew P. Wardrop, Andrew C. Doherty
2016 Physical review B  
Resonant exchange qubits are a promising addition to the family of experimentally implemented encodings of single qubits using semiconductor quantum dots. We have shown previously that it ought to be straightforward to perform a CPHASE gate between two resonant exchange qubits with a single exchange pulse. This approach uses energy gaps to suppress leakage rather than conventional pulse sequences. In this paper we present analysis and simulations of our proposed two-qubit gate subject to charge
more » ... and Overhauser field noise at levels observed in current experiments. Our main result is that we expect implementations of our two-qubit gate to achieve high fidelities, with errors at the percent level and gate times comparable to single-qubit operations. As such, exchange-coupled resonant exchange qubits remain an attractive approach for quantum computing.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.93.075436 fatcat:vyl26zvuqbdszmzw5xbz6odcau