P127 Graded Cuff Compression Protocol to Induce Retrograde Shear Produces Proportionate Increment in Regional Arterial Compliance in Human Peripheral Artery

Naaz Afreen, Dinu Chandran, Ashok Jaryal, Kishore Deepak, Sitikantha Roy
2020 Artery Research  
A B S T R A C T Background: External compression using pneumatic cuff inflation is a well-established model used to induce incremental changes in proximal retrograde flow and shear [1] . The mechanisms behind distal cuff compression leading to proximal increase in retrograde shear are not clear. We hypothesized that changes in regional arterial compliance due to external cuff compression lead to changes in pulse waveform and pulse wave reflections proximal to the cuff compression.
doi:10.2991/artres.k.191224.153 fatcat:xfep2as4hzezjeqgnzfvlcdcly