Variation of5d-level position and emission properties ofBaF2:Prcrystals

P. A. Rodnyi, G. B. Stryganyuk, C. W. E. van Eijk, A. S. Voloshinovskii
2005 Physical Review B  
The emission and excitation spectra of BaF 2 doped with 0.3 and 3.0 mol % Pr 3+ have been studied using synchrotron radiation in the range from 5 to 30 eV. In BaF 2 :Pr 3+ ͑0.3 mol % ͒ the lowest level of the 4f5d configuration of Pr 3+ is located at 5.55 eV relative to the 3 H 4 ,4f ground state. The 1 S 0 ,4f level lies higher, at 5.77 eV. Consequently the crystal shows two types of the Pr 3+ emissions, one related to 5d → 4f transitions with a decay constant of 22 ns, another related to slow
more » ... her related to slow transitions from the 3 P 0 level. In BaF 2 :Pr 3+ ͑3.0 mol % ͒ the lowest 5d state lies at 6.0 eV, that is above the 1 S 0 level. At 10 K the crystal shows cascade emission, i.e., 1 S 0 → 1 I 6 transitions followed by transitions from the 3 P 0 level. At room temperature the second step of the cascade is quenched. It is shown that the energy shift of the 5d state as a function of Pr 3+ concentration is due to the formation of Pr 3+ -based clusters at higher concentrations.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.72.195112 fatcat:wctpjdbhe5getmykuxlwl7dsnm