Systems approach to the modeling and synthesis of building materials

Alexander Danilov, Irina Garkina
2015 Contemporary Engineerng Sciences  
The methodological principles of building materials synthesis with the usage of the classic theory of control, methods of systems analysis in combination with experimental, heuristic methods of materials technology are suggested. The unified concept of elaboration of building materials with special properties is adduced (on the basis of analysis of kinetic processes of structure formation and main physical-mechanical characteristics of a material) with an estimation of their mathematical
more » ... ng accuracy with simultaneous experimental and theoretical ascertainment of connections between parameters of structure and kinetic processes. At the selected hierarchy of criteria the optimization of parameters of a considered technical system enables the usage of an iterative method. As an example, elaboration of radiation-shielding materials with an adjustable structure and properties is given.
doi:10.12988/ces.2015.517 fatcat:kcjw4a2bmzbi5m7wanozagod6i