Excimer laser for anterior cornea

N. Rice
1991 British Journal of Ophthalmology  
The paper by Gartry, Kerr Muir, and Marshall in this number of the journal is the first publication of the results of treating pathological conditions of the anterior cornea with the excimer laser. The authors have shown convincingly that such conditions can be treated safely and effectively, and they are to be congratulated on their thoroughly planned and conscientiously conducted research. However, cases suitable for this treatment are relatively few and would hardly justify the substantial
more » ... y the substantial investment which is being directed towards the development ofthe excimer laser for ophthalmic use. The drive behind this development is the possibility of using the excimer laser for photorefractive keratoplasty. That the excimer laser is an effective and above all safe method for refractive surgery remains to be proved, and it is to be hoped that the long-term, carefully monitored, prospective studies which are needed will not be pre-empted by its premature wider use for photorefractive keratoplasty. Nevertheless its potential application in refractive surgery raises important issues which ophthalmologists should consider, and it would seem desirable that the debate should take place before rather than after the method becomes widely available.
doi:10.1136/bjo.75.5.257 fatcat:rptsfrvlr5ealbagshdog5iux4