A Study on Alternating Axial Stresses P-S-N Test for JR Steel

Hiroki Umezawa, Shigeo Shimizu, Kengo Iwafuchi, Yukio Satoh, Yoshikazu Kanematsu
Meiji University Hiroki UMEZAWA, Shigeo SHIMIZU RTRI Kengo IWAFUCHI, Yukio SATOH, Yoshikazu KANEMATSU Alternating axial fatigue test for the JIS 50kgN rail steel considered with fatigue limit is carried out by means of Multi-Type Axial Fatigue Testing Machine. Four test series for life distributions and probabilistic stress-life (P-S-N) are evaluated by using the lognormal, the two-parameter Weibul and the three-parameter Weibul distribution function. The results are fit well to the lognormal
more » ... d the three-parameter Weibull distribution function. The lognormal and the three-parameter weibull based P-S-N curve showed no fatigue limit and stress-life exponents are determined A = 14.62 for the lognormal base and A = 16.12 for the three-parameter Weibull based P-S-N curve.
doi:10.11522/pscjspe.2009a.0.519.0 fatcat:p3uq25wmrbbuphcpualmlntrbm