The impact of electric energy receivers used in modern households on energy efficiency in the low-voltage network in: The problematic aspects of energy efficiency '21

Kacper Szadkowski, Grzegorz Hołdyński
This paper deals with the issues of power losses in low-voltage supply networks caused by the impact of electricity loads in modern households. These power losses have a direct impact on energy efficiency. The authors analyze the influence of reactive power and higher harmonics and base their considerations based on the studies which include typical modern household receivers. Based on the measurement results for single receivers and simple formulas, approximate losses in low-voltage networks
more » ... e presented. The final results show the need for further analysis of the topic, preceded by a more complex computer simulation.
doi:10.24427/978-83-66391-69-7_8 fatcat:6liqcnr375dh5ividveqaq3c24