Preparation of perovskite-type oxides from heterometal coordination polymer precursors linked by oxalate ligands, {Sm[M(ox)3]^|^middot;nH2O}x (M = Fe or Co)

Syuhei YAMAGUCHI, Naoya KIMOTO, Hirotoshi SASAGAWA, Keiko TAKIGUCHI, Takahisa OKUWA, Makiko ASAMOTO, Hidenori YAHIRO
2013 Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan  
Two kinds of heterometal coordination polymer precursors, {Sm[M(ox) 3 ]·nH 2 O} x (M = Fe and Co), were prepared by the reaction of K 3 [M(ox) 3 ]·3H 2 O with Sm(NO 3 ) 3 ·nH 2 O in methanol solvent. These compounds were found to have oxalato-bridged network structure. On the other hand, the desired heterometal coordination polymer precursors could not be obtained by the present preparation method using water solvent. The thermal decomposition behaviors of these d-f heterometal coordination
more » ... al coordination polymer precursors were investigated under air atmosphere. The perovskite-type oxides, SmMO 3 (M = Fe and Co), were found to form in the temperature range of >600°C. The specific surface area of SmFeO 3 powder increased with decreasing calcination temperature of Fe-containing heterometal coordination polymer precursor.
doi:10.2109/jcersj2.121.84 fatcat:leza6uvjzba4dmzgubykxe2wzu