A Finite State Machine Approach To Visual Servoing To Increase Positional Accuracy Of Impedance Controlled Robots

Kevin R. Ruybal
2018 Zenodo  
A visual servoing controller is programmed using finite state machine logic to increase the positional accuracy of a robotic arm under impedance control during free-space motion, to better align a chamfered peg with a hole, and minimize the possibility of wedging during insertion. This approach allows many types of manipulators commanded through Cartesian trajectory inputs to compensate for positional inaccuracy, enabling improved alignment of the peg and hole knowing only their approximate
more » ... tion within the workspace. The result is a compliant robotic manipulator that is able to achieve peg and hole alignment with an acceptable average lateral error of 0.0025 meters and a rotational error of 0.022 radians, which in our case is sufficient to allow an impedance controlled robot to successfully avoid wedging during peg and hole assembly. KEYWORDS Finite State Machine, impedance control, robotics, accuracy, assembly. Original Source URL : https://wireilla.com/engg/ijmech/papers/2113ijmech01.pdf For more details : https://wireilla.com/engg/ijmech/current2013.html
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1346625 fatcat:wvlyfajx5zfvhbvjnbhth4idaa