Molecular Auger Processes [chapter]

2009 Angle and Spin Resolved Auger Emission  
We introduce and present a theory of interferometric measurement of a normal Auger decay lifetime in molecules. Molecular Auger interferometry is based on the coherent phase control of Auger dynamics in a two-color (ω=2ω) laser field. We show that, in contrast to atoms, in oriented molecules of certain point groups the relative ω=2ω phase modulates the total ionization yield. A simple analytical formula is derived for the extraction of the lifetimes of Auger-active states from a molecular Auger
more » ... m a molecular Auger interferogram, circumventing the need in either high-resolution or attosecond spectroscopy. We demonstrate the principle of the interferometric Auger lifetime measurement using inner-valence decay in CH 3 F.
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-74630-0_5 fatcat:wfubju5fqbhcfa57ldwqw6iu5q