Effects of Argon Pressure and Bias Voltage on c-axis Lattice Crystal Constants of Sputtered Niobium Sulfide Films

Iwao SASAKI, Kazunari MATSUZAKI, Shingo NAKANO, Michiaki IKEDA, Kenji MATSUDA
2013 Transactions of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Series A  
Niobium sulfide films have been prepared on stainless steel substrate by radio frequency sputter deposition. The effects of sputtering conditions such as argon pressure and positive bias voltage to the substrate on the film characteristics were studied. The morphology and the content of elements of the films were investigated by Film-XRD and EPMA and the internal stress was derived from curvature of substrate with film. The main results obtained are summarized as follows: The sputtered films
more » ... sputtered films are having the form of rhombohedral crystal structure. A decrease of argon pressure brings the increase of the argon contents in films, which results in the increase of c-axis lattice crystal constants and the internal stress regardless of whether bias voltage was applied or not. It has also been found that the effect of the argon contents in films on c-axis length and on the internal stress for niobium sulfide sputtered films is larger than that for molybdenum disulfide sputtered films.
doi:10.1299/kikaia.79.779 fatcat:qdwhiaaauvhcfpvqtw6k6r6moq