Cryptographic system for medical image security using chaotic APFM nonlinear adaptive filter

Hung-I Hsiao, Junghsi Lee
2013 2013 1st International Conference on Orange Technologies (ICOT)  
In this paper, we propose a novel chaos-based cryptographic system for enhancing color image security by using chaotic amplitude phase frequency model nonlinear adaptive filter. The advantage of the proposed scheme is that it possesses the ability of "adjustable secret key space" in order to get the enough security strength to protect color image. Furthermore, the experimental results and security analyses demonstrate that the proposed method has a fine security performance. The "adjustable
more » ... The "adjustable secret key space" can overcome the security strength issue for obtaining enough secret key length, which can use external signal to adjust the required secret key space without changing the original cryptographic infrastructure.
doi:10.1109/icot.2013.6521175 fatcat:vhftmqyzb5gxbeyacmk64adoyq