The Concentration Dependence of Steady-State Compliance for Polymer Solutions

Yoshiyuki EINAGA, Michio KURATA, Tsutomu SUGIE, Mikio TAMURA
1972 Journal of the Society of Materials Science Japan  
The steady-state compliance Je as a function of the molecular weight M and the concentration c for polymer solution can be expressed as: characteristic of highly entangled system. In the concentration range where the transition from the first to the second behavior occurs, the Je displays the maximum. Either of the two relaxation spectra, A and B, are found to be compatible with these observed behaviors of Je. These are: represents the maximum relaxation time of the original Rouse or Zimm
more » ... , Me is entanglement spacing, E is the number of entanglement point in a molecule, hence E=M/Me, and gN and h are parameters representing the intensities of HI and HB, respectively. these spectra. These results are qualitatively in agreement with the observed one, particularly in the case of high value of h and low value of gN.
doi:10.2472/jsms.21.453 fatcat:xp2n47v5ljfitd7ywxemzf6zxy