A California Telephone Concert

1879 Scientific American  
The fire spread rapidly all over the wharf to the large' despite the minor defects incident to a first attempt of this panion, Capello, and have been constantly used by him since packing and store houses and the superintendent's dwelling. kind. It was evident that upper tones in moderately rapid our departure from Benguella, which circumstance rendered Though great efforts were made to save the ships and enunciation are transmitted more clearly-than chest tones him the only person competent to
more » ... erson competent to manage the said instru barks lying at the wharf, five of them were consumed, or any in slow time. Strong, full, distmct enunciation is ments and to give science a true and satisfactory account of two having full cargoes of oil on board. There were in a necessary. 'I'he metallic, ringing and clear cut tones of the his observations. When separation was resolved on, Ivens pump-house five or six large steam-pumps in excellent order, cornet are very easily and perfectly transmitted. Concerted at once exclaimed, "The abbas is mine!" Capello also and there was no scarcity of water. Among the buildings pieces acquire a peculiar softened and pleasing character by chimed in, "The terrestrial magnetism instruments belong and fixtures the fire burned over about 25 acres of space, transmission by the telephone. The piano is clearly heard to me." Iat Olice made answer that there was no opposition c:Jvering the neighhorhood for miles with dense black by placing several receivers over the sounding board. Some on my part, because I could not place myself on a par with smoke, and the fl ames were not under control until about 5 of the songs were heard at Marysville so clearly that it my companions in the management of those inst. ruments. P.M. A force of 40 men from the neighboring city gas seemed as if the singers were in the next room, and it was The consequence of this was that a collection of sextants fell works succeeded in beating back the fl ames from the piles not necessary to place the receivers close to the ear. At to my lot. Finding myself alone, I began to think of the of bituminous coal-partly with water, but mainly hy shov-Sacramento It was necessary to press the receiver upon the conrse I was to follow. I had a sextant that gave me 150° eling earth upon them. This saved the gas works and ear, and the tones from Red Bluff were attenuated and but this sextant on the artificial horizon, which, as is welt tanks. sounded from so far away that the mind thought of them as known, counts the angle twice, did not give me more than Only a small portion of the buildings, but many of the if in the bowels of the earth, though every note could be. 75.... Now, in order to be able to take at any point a lati· most valuable fixtures of the Atlantic Company were saved. heard. From Marysville the tones came very full and strong, tude with my sextant, which did not give more than 75°, it Fortunately several large tanks containing 30,OaO barrels and the laughing, applause and movemems in the room would be necessary to be at 11';0, and not more, distant from
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