Research on Online and Offline Mixed Teaching Practice Based on College Film and Television Literature Course

Yajing Liu, Tongguang Ni
2022 Scientific Programming  
With the rapid development of new media technology, the demand for applied professional film and television talents in China's film and television industry is getting higher and higher, especially the comprehensive practical ability. In the Internet age, information technology has been widely used. It is integrated into people's lives with the unique characteristics of interaction and communication among all employees, and opens up a new mode of work, study and life with Internet as the medium.
more » ... Under the new situation, all kinds of schools at all levels also make full and active use of the Internet for online teaching. In the past, the quality monitoring work focused on theoretical teaching. However, in the face of online and offline mixed practice teaching, there are bound to be many problems and deficiencies when using the theoretical teaching quality monitoring system. This paper mainly discusses the application of online and offline mixed tutorial mode in film and television literature course from the aspects of task-oriented teaching content, application of classroom teaching methods, diversification and dynamics of evaluation methods, etc., hoping to provide reference for college teachers who implement online and offline mixed teaching.
doi:10.1155/2022/3336282 fatcat:ncywouqxafcern2ezelngyj24i