Hbrbbrt M. Adler
1904 The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science  
The police system of London is probably the most satisfactory feature in its government. A foreigner who is asked for his impression of our city usually commences with an encomium on the London policeman. The typical policeman is a well set-up fellow, of no great intelligence, but with a good deal of common sense; he is invaluable in regulating the stream, or rather the torrent, of traffic down our busy streets; he is useful when one wants to find one's way about and I have known his advice
more » ... d and accepted even on such points as the best theater to go to or the nearest dentist. A closer study of London policemen will reveal a slight point of difference;
doi:10.1177/000271620402400309 fatcat:73jm4q325jdp5li4x4f52jfcdq