Local Governance and Territorial Intelligence:Witch impact forthe Territory Project

2020 International Journal of Advances in Scientific Research and Engineering  
The relationship between man and space in sociology has always been marked by considerable complexity, due to the multiplicity of interests, elements and actors who interact in it, and who have sometimes common interests, sometimes distinct ones in relation to that common geographic ancho. for MORIN 2005, " Is Complex what cannot be summed up in one key word, which cannot be reduced to a law, nor reduced to a simple idea" and it is well the case for a good number of concepts which will be
more » ... which will be evoked throughout this paper, who tries in an analytical perspective of interpretation, to review some answers to better understand the seeds at the origins of the two concepts with the rich semantics , in our case: "Territorial Intelligence, And Governance". At this level the question who rises is: "What are the possible Junctions between governance and territorial intelligence ?, and how to make from this Creed, a vector of local development? ", This questioning appeared necessary to us following the identification of the panoply of actors, actions, and specificities of the territories, in addition to the reticular aspect of the local public cases. For this study, we first propose to review 1) The different kaleidoscopic aspects of both "intelligence" as a process, and "territory" as a construct, before evoking the intersection and the rise of "territorial intelligence", and then in the second part we will talk about 2) The emergence of the concept of "governance".
doi:10.31695/ijasre.2020.33900 fatcat:3wjhx47rnvcxrfbg47vs34cyv4