Spatio-temporal Tubelet Feature Aggregation and Object Linking in Videos [article]

Daniel Cores, Víctor M. Brea, Manuel Mucientes
2020 arXiv   pre-print
This paper addresses the problem of how to exploit spatio-temporal information available in videos to improve the object detection precision. We propose a two stage object detector called FANet based on short-term spatio-temporal feature aggregation to give a first detection set, and long-term object linking to refine these detections. Firstly, we generate a set of short tubelet proposals containing the object in N consecutive frames. Then, we aggregate RoI pooled deep features through the
more » ... et using a temporal pooling operator that summarizes the information with a fixed size output independent of the number of input frames. On top of that, we define a double head implementation that we feed with spatio-temporal aggregated information for spatio-temporal object classification, and with spatial information extracted from the current frame for object localization and spatial classification. Furthermore, we also specialize each head branch architecture to better perform in each task taking into account the input data. Finally, a long-term linking method builds long tubes using the previously calculated short tubelets to overcome detection errors. We have evaluated our model in the widely used ImageNet VID dataset achieving a 80.9 the new state-of-the-art result for single models. Also, in the challenging small object detection dataset USC-GRAD-STDdb, our proposal outperforms the single frame baseline by 5.4
arXiv:2004.00451v2 fatcat:oxflf7wvubbzjda23gffmd7u5u