A Genetic Regulatory Network-Based Method for Dynamic Hybrid Flow Shop Scheduling with Uncertain Processing Times

Youlong Lv, Jie Zhang, Wei Qin
2017 Applied Sciences  
The hybrid flow shop is a typical discrete manufacturing system. A novel method is proposed to solve the shop scheduling problem featured with uncertain processing times. The rolling horizon strategy is adopted to evaluate the difference between a predictive plan and the actual production process in terms of job delivery time. The genetic regulatory network-based rescheduling algorithm revises the remaining plan if the difference is beyond a specific tolerance. In this algorithm, decision
more » ... les within the rolling horizon are represented by genes in the network. The constraints and certain rescheduling rules are described by regulation equations between genes. The rescheduling solutions are generated from expression procedures of gene states, in which the regulation equations convert some genes to the expressed state and determine decision variable values according to gene states. Based on above representations, the objective of minimizing makespan is realized by optimizing regulatory parameters in regulation equations. The effectiveness of this network-based method over other ones is demonstrated through a series of benchmark tests and an application case collected from a printed circuit board assembly shop.
doi:10.3390/app7010023 fatcat:6rih5k2ijner7a5qqozz3uaraq