Clinical and epidemiological Semiotics in the diagnosis of etiology of acute respiratory viral infections in adults

Aleksandr F. Popov, S. L Kolpakov, A. I Simakova, K. A Dmitrenko
2016 Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases (Russian Journal)  
For etiological diagnosis of acute respiratory viral infections the improvement of clinical semiotics and searchfor epidemiological consistent patterns are advantageous. Aim the establishment of consistent patterns of the clinical picture of etiologically AIRS decoded by PCR method and validities of epidemiological signs in the Primorsky Krai in the recent period. The material of the study were medical history cases on 276 patients admitted to the infectious department of Primorye Regional
more » ... cal Hospital №2 in the city of Vladivostok in 2014 with a diagnosis of AIRS. Results. In the etiological structure of patients there was dominated influenza (48.2%). Hereafter there were: rhinovirus infection (13.0%), parainfluenza (11.2%), metapneumovirus infection (9,8,5%), adenovirus infection (8.0%). The minimum share was presented by bocavirus (HBoV)) infection (5.16%) and the respiratory syncytial virus, (HRSV) infection (4.7%). There were established the most sensitive and specific symptoms of considered infections. There were revealed features of the seasonality and the age structure of the patients, affecting on the efficiency of diagnosis.
doi:10.17816/eid40936 fatcat:zhxz23phjbfmxo6sgglrnoerim