Analysis of Death Accidents of Hazardous and Dangerous Works defined in Regulation for Employment Restriction and Special Education for Safety and Health
유해·위험작업의 취업제한에 관한 규칙 및 특별안전보건교육 대상작업의 사망재해 분석에 관한 연구

Seung Rae Jung, Seong Rok Chang
2016 Journal of the Korean Society of Safety  
With the changes of industrial structure, contents and types in hazardous and dangerous works have been changed considerably. However, the hazardous and dangerous works by defined 「Regulation for the hazardous and dangerous work employment restriction」 and 「Special education for safety and health」have not been amended over twenty years. This study aimed to identify the recent trends of the works by analyzing the death accidents cases from 2004 to 2013 and to present the management methods about
more » ... ement methods about future hazardous and dangerous works. The results showed that amount of 1,972 cases among 11,513 death accidents were equivalent to the works presented by 「Regulation for the hazardous and dangerous work employment restriction」. The amount of death accidents in 'Work of using construction equipment following construction machinery management act' was biggest among the death accidents cases and that of 'Work of handling pressure vessels following high-pressure gas safety control act' didn't show up. For the works in 「Special education for safety and health」amount of 1,650 death accidents cases were equivalent. The amount of death accidents in 'Work involving a crane with a capacity of 1 ton or more or work which is carried out with a crane or hoist with a capacity of less than 1 ton in a workplace having at least 5 such machines' presented by 「Special education for safety and health」was biggest. Also, death accidents case didn't occurred in three works presented by 「Special education for safety and health」. It was analyzed that works with low death accidents cases should be needed to study thoroughly the whole disaster research involving nonfatal accidents. Through this study, it was expected that regulation can be operated practically in the industrial field. Also, it is considered to increase
doi:10.14346/jkosos.2016.31.3.116 fatcat:yxquslx77nba3aygzgjogvnqmm