Determination of Artificial Reef Areas in Ordu Region and Preliminary Applications Ordu Bölgesi'nde Yapay Habitat Alanlarının Belirlenmesi ve Ön Deneme Çalışmaları

Türk Denizcilik Ve Deniz, Bilimleri Dergisi, Mehmet Aydin, Selman Altaş
2015 Turkish Journal of Maritime and Marine Sciences   unpublished
Artificial reefs are man made structures placed on the sea floor for the purpose of providing shelter, nutrition, protection and breeding areas for fish and other sea creatures. In this research study, not only the suitable areas for artificial reefs in the region were determined but also the applicability of artificial reefs in the Black Sea was investigated. Within the scope of this study, an artificial reef built up in Ünye District of Ordu by use of 100 concrete blocks and 3 coach scraps
more » ... d 3 coach scraps was monitored for two years, a second reef was built by 70 blocks in Mersin Village of Perşembe District and has still been monitored.