3D reconstruction using plane detection

2016 ITE Technical Report  
Recen重 1y many researchers study 3D reconstruction using multiple images. Most objects have planner sur 飴 ces especially in urban and internal scenes so that detecting the planner surfaces in these scenes seems to be helpfu1 for estimating the depth map accurately . In this stUdy , we detect planner surfaces in an image by investigating the color distribution betWeen three − dimensional featUre points obtained by a Structure 一 丘om − Motion technique . Next, plane sweep is applied to the images
more » ... long the nomlal direction of 血 e detected planes and multiple disparity spacc images ( DSIs )arc generated . Then , disparity images aro obtained by finding disparities with the minimum cost through the DSIs . Finally . these disparity images are uni 丘ed into a whole disparity image by using the cost as a criterion .
doi:10.11485/itetr.40.5.0_113 fatcat:6fboudsfsjaadgkywdqmjg76zu