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1911 The Analyst  
J. M. Hamill. (Food Reports, No. 14. Cd. 5831. Price 3d. 1911.) genuine " flours obtained by mechanical means from the wheat grain without chemical treatment or the addition of foreign substances (vide Food Report, No. 12, Cd. 5613, by Hamill and Monier-Williams, ANALYST, I. CZasses of Wheat Flour.--A short account of the morphology of the wheat grain (illustrated) is followed by a discussion of milling methods and the quality and grading of flour. The whole of the complicated machinery of
more » ... n milling is devised with a view to obtaining in white flour nothing but the contents of the parenchymatous cells of the endosperm, although absolute separation is never effected in practice. Products other than flour are termed ofal. Bran consists of the pericarp and aleurone layer with some adhering parenchymatous cells of the The Report deals solely with 1911, 254).
doi:10.1039/an9113600479 fatcat:hg3btxhvx5bl3nfslphjvhh6gi