The Subversive Use of Parading Effeminacy by Transgender People in increasing Crime Rate in Bangladesh: A Study on Several Investigating Crime Reports

2019 British Journal of Arts and Humanities  
Transgender or Hijras are human being those who born with sexual deformation. They are considered nor man nor women but the other third gender is known as 'Hijras' in Indian-subcontinent. They have different societies that are lead by their leaders known as Guruma. They are strictly controlled by their gurumas and have very limited scope to enroll them in several activities without their permission. So frequently they are influenced by their gurumas to involve in criminal activities and
more » ... s they do that willingly for the other reasons. This study was an attempt to investigate the reasons for doing such criminal activities by them and to find the effects of such criminal activities in increasing the crime rate in Bangladesh. To conduct this study descriptive research design with a qualitative study was applied. Most of the data were collected from secondary sources like- scholarly articles, newspapers, several online YouTube channels, FBI reports, Bangladesh Police Discipline Security Progress reports and so on. Few data were also collected from primary sources like- directly interviewing transgender people who have sufficient knowledge about criminal activities that are occurring at the present time in Bangladesh. In the case of interviewing, the purposive sampling method was used to select the transgender people as a sample size. The study has found that a number of criminal activities are done by the transgender people in Bangladesh and there are some reasons behind it. If the respective authorities take some necessary steps to reduce the causes then the effects will be ultimately reduced. Finally, the total scenario of the crime situation in Bangladesh will be changed positively and it would be a good place to live in for all regardless of their gender identity.
doi:10.34104/bjah.019.045055 fatcat:iuhg5ypbzna2la4i2lkbesb3ga