H-InvDB: A Comprehensive Annotation Resource For Human Transcriptome

Chisato Yamasaki, Chisato Yamasaki, Jun-ichi Takeda, Takuya Habara, Makoto Ogawa, Akiko Noda, Ryuichi Sakate, Katsuhiko Murakami, Tadashi Imanishi, Takashi Gojobori
2010 Nature Precedings  
Evola [ Evolutional annotation database ] PPI view [ Protein-protein interaction (PPI) view ] Gene family / group view [ Database of curated human gene family/group ] By extensive analyses of all human transcripts, we provide curated annotations of human genes, transcripts and proteins that include gene structures, alternative splicing isoforms, non-coding functional RNAs, protein functions, functional domains, sub-cellular localizations, metabolic pathways, protein 3D structure, genetic
more » ... phisms, relation with diseases, gene expression profiling, molecular evolutionary features, protein-protein interactions (PPIs) and gene families/groups. The latest release of H-InvDB (release 7.5) provides annotation for 242,813 human transcripts in 44,806 human gene clusters based on human full-length cDNAs, mRNAs and the reference human genome sequences (NCBI b37.1). H-InvDB consists of three main views, the Transcript view, the Locus view and the Protein view, and six sub-databases; G-integra, H-ANGEL, DiseaseInfo Viewer, Evola, PPI view and Gene Family/Group view. We also provide data mining tools such as "Navigation search" , an extended search system that enables complicated searches by combining 16 different search options (http://www.h-invitational.jp/hinv/c-search/hinvNaviTop.jsp) and "H-InvDB Enrichment Analysis Tool (HEAT)" , a data mining tool for automatically identifying features specific to a given human gene set (http://hinv.jp/HEAT/ ).
doi:10.1038/npre.2010.5271 fatcat:natwwhqmqrb6zkpbzq4j3vzr2y