Supernova Yields for Chemical Evolution Modeling

Ken'ichi Nomoto, Tomoharu Suzuki
2013 Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union  
We review the recent results of the nucleosynthesis yields of massive stars. We examine how those yields are affected by some hydrodynamical effects during the supernova explosions, namely, explosion energies from those of hypernovae to faint supernovae, mixing and fallback of processed materials, asphericity, etc. Those parameters in the supernova nucleosynthesis models are constrained from observational data of supernovae and metal-poor stars. The elemental abundance patterns observed in
more » ... ns observed in extremely metal-poor stars show some peculiarities relative to the solar abundance pattern, which suggests the important contributions of hypernovae and faint supernovae in the early chemical enrichment of galaxies. These constraints on supernova nucleosynthesis are taken into account in the latest yield table for chemical evolution modeling.
doi:10.1017/s1743921313006327 fatcat:eflcrkoscvfntpebkpdgoetoee