British Council's English for Academic Purposes: A Critical Analysis of the Coursebook Taught at Pakistani Universities

2019 Univeristy of Chitral journal of linguistics and literature  
English for Academic Purposes course focusing on the academic language needs of students is a subfield of English for Specific Purposes (ESP). It is a type of specialized course to integrate specific subject matter, language content, and material based on learners' needs. The study aims to evaluate the British Council's English for Academic Purposes (EAP) coursebook in terms of content, sequencing, learners' autonomy, motivation, feedback and focus on language skills. Furthermore, the study
more » ... more, the study tries to provide a general perception of the usefulness and effectiveness of the coursebook for undergraduate students. The EAP Students' Manual coursebook is used as a primary source for the data collection. The researcher has chosen Nation & Macalister (2010) model of language teaching principles to analyze and discuss the data. The study found the coursebook a useful, effective and an appropriate source of English language learning in terms of the investigated aspects of the book. The findings report that the coursebook provides practice and practical usage in all domains of the academically required English language skills. It helps the students to build language competency and to be more independent learners. In addition, it provides an opportunity to the learners to think in the target language, use the language more practically and learn it in a natural type of environment. The study concludes and suggests that the content needs to be supplemented with English language audios and videos presenting the students relevant documentaries and helping material in order to make the coursebook and the learning process more useful, effective, interesting and motivating. Furthermore, the study recommends that while choosing /designing a coursebook for a certain course, it needs to be evaluated following the various criteria and language-teaching-principles suggested by different language researchers.
doi:10.33195/jll.v3ii.176 fatcat:b66l22lnqndznahcomqhs456nq