An Integrated Filtering Antenna Array With High Selectivity and Harmonics Suppression

Chun-Xu Mao, Steven Gao, Yi Wang, Zhengpeng Wang, Fan Qin, Benito Sanz-Izquierdo, Qing-Xin Chu
2016 IEEE transactions on microwave theory and techniques  
In this paper, a new design of antenna array with filtering performance and harmonics suppression is proposed. By employing a novel four-way out-of-phase filtering power divider proposed in this paper, the traditional power dividers and 50 Ω interfaces of the feeding network can be removed, leading to a highly integrated design with compact size and high performance. To prove the concept, a 2×2 antenna array with filtering performance is designed. The radiating elements are fed by a four-way
more » ... ed by a four-way out-of-phase power divider, which is composed of different types of resonators. The integration of filter, power divider and antenna array not only removes the separate filter, power dividers, 50 Ω interfaces and matching networks from feed networks of traditional array antenna, but also improves the performance of bandwidth and frequency selectivity of the antenna system. First, a novel four-way out-of-phase power divider is studied and then integrated with the radiating patches. The harmonics is inherently suppressed since different types of resonators are adopted in the integrated design. A prototype is developed and the simulated and measured results agree well. Compared with traditional array antenna, the advantages of this integrated filtering array antenna include broad bandwidth, high frequency selectivity, harmonics suppression, flat antenna gain and high cross polarization discrimination. The concept can be extended to large-size arrays such as 4×4 or 16×16 arrays.
doi:10.1109/tmtt.2016.2561925 fatcat:b2sjlddh2jgnzli6bxswgajk34