Analysis of Kinetic Models for the Rate of Delignification with Oxygen in the Industrial Process of Pre-Bleaching Cellulose Pulp

Bruno César Masson Miguel, Esly Ferreira da Costa Junior
2018 Revista Virtual de Quimica  
Lignin is a macromolecule formed from three precursors p-hydroxy-cinnamic-alcohols. This substance is present in the cellulosic pulp and decreases its whiteness. Therefore, it must be removed by delignifying agents in the bleaching process of the cellulosic pulp. Since the use of oxygen as a delignifying agent of cellulosic pulp, researchers have proposed mathematical models to describe the phenomenon of delignification. The literature on mathematical modeling of the oxygen delignification
more » ... elignification process is vast and complex, involving kinetic concepts, mass transfer and calculations related to reactors. In this work, a history of the oxygen delignification process and a survey of the types of models of this process are presented. The levels of complexity of each model and their applicability are analyzed and discussed, being they classified according to criteria established in this work.
doi:10.21577/1984-6835.20180095 fatcat:pxhrtxzwd5gkdpgc3f44fm54ay