Towards an Integrated Approach for Modelling Product-Service Systems: Status Quo and Future Challenges

Simon Hagen, Thorsten Schoormann, Sven Jannaber, Ralf Knackstedt, Oliver Thomas
2018 Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Informatik  
Product-Service Systems( PSS) areawell-establisheda pproach that holds great promisesf or sustainable businesss uccess. However, continuous changess ucha st echnological innovations constituten ovel challenges fort he developmenta nd theo fferingo fP SS. As these challenges become more andm ored iverse andc omplex,s inglec ompanies, especiallyS ME,a re often not able to handlethislevel of complexityand involvef urther multidisciplinary expertise in PSS design. Whileprior research mostlyfocuses
more » ... n atighter integration of theproduct andservice domain, therei sal acko fi ntegrated approaches that consider even further disciplinesl ike software,m echanicalo re lectricale ngineering. Accordingly, this study aims to exploreh ow conceptual models such as processm odels can be applieda sabasis forc ombining various domains to contribute to thed evelopment of newP SS. Therefore, we specified corresponding problemsand challenges that motivate our work andreportfirst resultsofour research project.
dblp:conf/gi/HagenSJKT18 fatcat:l2r4cjd3i5f2bbadm54ax2zhce