Broadband Circularly Polarized Cross-dipole Antenna with Multiple Modes

Lei Wang, Wen-Xiao Fang, Wei-Heng Shao, Quan Huang, Bin Yao, Yun-Lei Shi, Guo-Guang Lu, Yun Huang, Yun-Fei En
2020 IEEE Access  
A broadband circularly polarized (CP) cross-dipole antenna with multiple modes is proposed. The antenna is composed of two pairs of crossed strip dipoles as driven elements, four square-slot patches, and four corner-truncated patches as parasitic elements. A pair of vacant-quarter printed rings is used as sequential phase feeding structure to generate a CP mode, which connect to crossed strip dipoles. By using these coupled rotated elements, multiple CP modes can be stimulated to satisfy the
more » ... d of broadband CP radiation. In addition, four shorted square metal columns are also introduced in the antenna design to generate an additional CP resonance. A verified prototype was fabricated and measured in this paper. The measured results demonstrate the proposed antenna features wideband CP characteristics with a wide impedance bandwidth (IBW) of 95.5% (0.92-2.60 GHz) and a broad axial-ratio bandwidth (ARBW) of 94.4% (0.95-2.65 GHz). INDEX TERMS Broadband, circularly polarized (CP), cross-dipoles, parasitic elements, sequentially rotated configuration.
doi:10.1109/access.2020.2981050 fatcat:t64oe2aijna77bwozqcjlegjpm