Study of vertical abundance stratification of elements in the stellar atmosphere of HD 63401

P. Kashko, V. Khalack
2021 Zenodo  
HD 63401 is one of the magnetic chemically peculiar (mCP) stars that were recently observed by the space telescope TESS. The variability of photometric data, effective temperature, and magnetic field with the period were studied. HD 63401 may possess a hydrodynamically stable stellar atmosphere where atomic diffusion in combination with a magnetic field can lead to vertical stratification of elements abundances. The modified ZEEMAN2 code was employed to carry out an abundance analysis of
more » ... solution and high signal-to-noise spectra obtained for HD 63401 with ESPaDOnS. We found that iron shows clear evidence of vertical abundance stratification in the stellar atmosphere of HD 63401.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.5525404 fatcat:l5vpyv7sjrgwrm7pgwjsdgu2ja