A Review On The Biology And Symptoms Of Attack Of Mango Red Banded Catterpillar ( Autocharis Albizonalis Hampson)

Mainak Bhattacharyya
2014 IOSR Journal of Agriculture and Veterinary Science  
Several insect and non insect pests attack the mango at several stages of bearing. Red banded caterpillar or Autocharis albizonalis Hampson was the minor pest of mango but very recently emerged as a serious pest all over the world. The larval instars were the most destructive stage of this pest. They were characterised by the red and white alternate bands on the body. Pupation occurred in the dry twigs of the braches or in soil inside a brownish cocoon.This pest attacked the mango fruit from
more » ... pea sized till the maturity of the fruit causing boring of the fruits through several tunnels by the larvae. The matured instar larvae reached the seed yet to harden and tunnelled them, excreted inside and exposed the fruits to the secondary infestation by micropathogens. The review paper presents all the work that had been done till date about the life cycle and symptoms of attack of the concerned pest
doi:10.9790/2380-07720105 fatcat:gysiq5wzufgmfmmyqs4ejg7vme