Culture and Sub-Culture of Youth in Nagaon District of Assam and its Impact on the Contemporary Society: a Sociological Overview

Mon Bora
International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research in Science Society and Culture(IJIRSSC)   unpublished
Youth is not just a biological category; it's also a societal invention. This may sound like socio-babble but as we have changed from an agricultural to post-industrial society our definition of youth has evolved. Young people used to be parental property; nurtured by domestic folk practices then forced into work and afforded no legal rights. Youth today is a public institution; objectified by the state, preserved in law by business and studied and monitored by rational, scientific expertise.
more » ... o trends emerged during this time; the sentiment of childhood and the construction of a new category to describe the transition from childhood to adulthood: youth. Younger people began a transformation from a domestic economic resource to objects which embodied the public institution of pure childhood to be protected and nurtured. Youth, beyond school, were given over to apprenticeships to learn the roles and responsibilities of adulthood this paper seeks to throw light upon the life of youth generation, their culture, sub culture influenced by globalization, westernization and the way they want to live and how it's impacts on the contemporary society.