Voice, Gesture & Touch Screen Operated Smart Wheelchair With Obstacle Detection

N Bhagyasri, B Tech, S Sai, Manikanta Reddy, B Tech, K Sabitha, B Tech
A Robot is a mechatronics device which also includes resourcefulness or autonomy. A device with autonomy does its thing "on its own" without a human directly guiding it moment-by-moment. Some authors would contend that all mechatronic devices are robots, and that this book's restriction on robot entails only specialized software. The use of robotics is increasing day by day to replace the manpower for many reasons and uses with high navigational intelligence is one of the great steps towards
more » ... integration of severely physically disabled and mentally handicapped people. The Robot is being developed to overcome the problems, allowing the end-user to just perform safe movements and accomplish some daily life important tasks. Here our robot can take commands through three types. Existing system  A prototype chair is implemented with a small chair and DC motors are used to move the chair. This project uses 12V rechargeable battery. This project is very much useful for the disable.  In this system we are implementing with AT89S52 microcontroller at Transmitter and Receiver sections. MEMS sensor is used to control the wheel chair as per the movement of the hand. This is done using wireless RF communication.