A New Control Volume-based 2D Method for Calculating the Temperature Distribution of Rod during Multi-pass Hot Rolling

Jianguo Xue, Min Liu
2013 ISIJ International  
A simplified numerical model which can evaluate the 2D temperature distribution of a cross-section in multi-pass hot rod rolling process has been established. The grid of cross-section of workpiece under rolling was remeshed based on the energy rate balance of corresponding control volume. This method gives a quick way for the solution of heat-transfer during hot forming process, and can be applied to the on-line calculation. The validity of this method has been examined by FEM simulation and
more » ... dustrial measurement. The cross-sectional areas (elongations) and temperatures of workpiece calculated by the new method were in agreement with those obtained by the comparison methods. Fig. 1. Flow chart representing the calculation process of the new numerical method.
doi:10.2355/isijinternational.53.1836 fatcat:qd7qs7z5tfbqhfpunqjhu6gqqa