Comparison of principle components and quality of eggs by laying hen breeds
산란계 품종별에 따른 계란의 주요 성분과 품질 비교

Byung Ki Kim, Jae Jung Ha, Jun Koo Yi, Dong Yep Oh, Dae Jin Jung, Seong Bok Choi, Eun Gyoung Hwang, Soo Jung Kim, Jea Young Lee
2016 Journal of the Korean Data and Information Science Society  
산란계 품종별에 따른 계란의 주요 성분과 품질 비교 † 김병기 1 · 하재정 2 · 이준구 3 · 오동엽 4 · 정대진 5 · 최성복 6 · 황은경 7 · 김수정 8 · 이제영 9 12345 경상북도 축산기술연구소 · 6 국립축산과학원 가축유전자원센터 · 7 경북전문대학교 호텔조리제빵과 · 8 한국생명공학과학원 · 9 영남대학교 통계학과 접수 Abstract This study was to execute the random arrangement of total 120 heads (10 heads per treatment plot × 3 repeats × 4 treatment plots) for four breeds [Blue arakana commercial Fowl (BC), Yeonsan silky fowl (YS), Korean native fowl (KN), White leghorn fowl (WL)] with the initiation of laying hens at 32
more » ... weeks old in order to comparatively analyze egg quality and composition by sorts of laying hens. In case of evaluation of the quality of eggs, this study has shown that BC had higher degree of Haugh unit coefficient (82.82) and in case cholesterol content of eggs, BC had significantly low content as 317.55mg/100g, but YS had rather higher content as 381.30mg/100g. Furthermore, this study has found out that BC had significantly low Oleic acid (C18:1n9) and WL had higher Amino acid content by breeds than those of other breeds (p<0.05).
doi:10.7465/jkdi.2016.27.5.1307 fatcat:jhf4twnsrjhcbksxrzub36d7jm