Traducción y equivalencias en la fraseología español-francés. Aplicaciones me- todológicas al ámbito literario

Héctor Leví Caballero
2018 Anales de Filología Francesa  
Phraseology has always been a true challenge for Second Language Teaching. We have to outline a bridge between cultures of both languages in order to know what it is understood by each unit. This way is translation; however, it is not easy to find an exact equivalent, since the semantic and cultural components play an important role. In this study we want to indicate, from a Spanish-French methodological perspective, which is the best means to translate phraseologisms, considering the
more » ... e degrees and the difficulties when we deal with this challenge. Moreover, we include some strategies for the translation of phraseology which match up with the different options that the translator has at his/her disposal in order that the target text is as faithful as possible to the source text, always taking into account the context.
doi:10.6018/analesff.26.1.352311 fatcat:dhpt7zpoyrc2leysn6p524v3ga